Perfect Future Ampoules


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Perfect Future Ampoules
Perfect Future Ampoules


PERFECT FUTURE AMPOULES from the Vitality Range for mature skin that may need revitalization


  • Effective anti-aging concentrate
  • Inhibits collagen and elastin breakdown
  • Improves the skin’s barrier function and moisturizing capacity The facial contours appear firmer and revitalized


High-effective active ingredient concentrate


Optimal hygienic conditions (narrow opening, barely contact with airborne microorganisms)

Applicator: allows to apply precisely even on wrinkled skin

The packaging is available as a 7-day spa treatment for the client

The combination of innovative active ingredients in a substantiated range of concentration and proven active substances

Free from parabens


  • Iris Iso (Iris isoflavones)
  • Liftonin®
  • Collagen/sea collagen


For an easy and hygienic application, just turn the stopper and apply the product as usual. The deep acting of the active ingredient concentrate can usually be improved by a mechanical massage. Electrically supported methods like ultrasound and iontophoresis increase the effect.

Tip:  7-day spa treatment for at home to intensify the result of the treatment. Also suitable for a quick grooming, i.e. a radiating and youthful appearance for special occasions.

The ampoule can also be used to activate Dr med Christine Schrammek face masks

Size: 7 x 2ml

Perfect Future Ampoules
Perfect Future Ampoules

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