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Ampoules for all Skin Types and Skin Issues

Small but powerful – the ingredient ampoules by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek 


Effective – thanks to dermatologically-developed innovative ingredient complexes.

Individual – a solution for all skin types and skin requirements

Smart – no risk of injury caused by glass splinters

Well tolerated – skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed

Small – very convenient for travel or handbags

Re-closable –perfect for application over several days

There are ampoules to suit all skin types


Around the clock, our skin is exposed to wind and weather, stresses, warm air from heating and many other environmental factors. So it`s actually no wonder that it sometimes rebels. To bring dry, sensitive or impure skin back into its balance, it requires extra care. Our ingredient ampoules are highly-concentrate beautifiers and effective problem solver in one. Depending on the combination of ingredients, they can be used for diverse skin conditions.

The small immediate helpers are not just highly effective, but also very convenient. Our ampoules are re-closable, so they can be used for several applications. They are very easy to open and there’s no risk of injury as with market- standard glass ampoules. Thanks to the small opening, the ingredient concentrates can be applied specifically on the affected areas. Use the different ampoules whenever needed – optimally adapted to your personal skin demands.

All ampoules have something in common: they dispose of a high ingredient concentrate which allows them to provide quick and visible results in short time.