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Anti Ageing Products

Dr. med. Christine Schrammek has formulated anti-ageing products which combine innovative and efficient agents such as peptides, isoflavones and antioxidants. The products protect your skin from losing its elasticity and moisture whilst strengthening collagen and elastin fibres. This way, all signs of premature ageing are effectively combated, supporting firmness and vitality of the mature skin. For a smooth, even and revitalised skin.

Depending upon your skin type, age and preference for wearing a fluid as opposed to a Day & Night Cream there are various options to suit everyone.

Dry Skin - Recommend Skin Elixier or the HYDRA MAX Range

Recommended 40 years + ACTIVE FUTURE line

Recommended 50 years + The premium TIME CONTROL line not only reduces the ageing process of your skin – it visibly rejuvenates it. Your skin gains elasticity, firmness and appears significantly younger and brighter.

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